Russ Foundation Campus

The Russ Foundation campus is situated at Thondamanpatti village which is 20 kilometres from Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The campus is a rare place providing a calm, safe, relaxing environment, in which we can offer support to people who are in need. The whole site is as self-sufficient as possible and over the years, with the help of numerous people Russ have built an area which truly is a home for children & adults who are in much need of care and compassion. 

Below you can explore some of the areas of Russ Foundation campus. 

The Children's Home

The Children's Home is the centre of the Campus and provides a safe environment to children who for a variety of reasons find themselves with out a place to call home. Russ provide the loving support needed by children allowing them to grow in a positive and successful way. The children are supported through education as well as providing them with extra curricular activities such as dancing & batik. The children's home has been a part of Russ Foundation's work since it was founded in 1992.


The Carlsson School

The Carlsson School was formed to provide a quality primary education to children from the local villages as well as the children who live at the Russ Foundation Children's Home. The school now has over 100 children and classes all the way from Infants up to Year 6.


Colchester Dairy Farm

The Dairy Farm provides all the milk required for the campus including the Children's Home and School. It was named after our friends from Colchester Sixth Form College in England who helped to fund it and now has six cows working around the clock to provide us with this vital resource. At times we over produce and are able to provide milk to the local community as well. At times there is enough milk left over after supplying the campus to provide for some of the local community.