Russ Foundation

Since 1992 Russ Foundation has been running many successful Health & Education programs in Tamil Nadu, India. Russ Foundation is based on a sixteen acre campus outside Madurai which comprises of a Children's Home, training buildings, a primary school and active agricultual projects. We also have a number of bases around the state from which our community action programmes are run. Russ Foundation have imparted skills and knowledge into the lives of thousands of people of all affiliations.The Children's Home has been at the heart of the Russ since its beginning and many of the children have gone on to graduate from university, married and settled into family life.The Russ Communnity Action and Care team have worked tirelessly to create awareness in health, hygiene and ecology.  Over the years Russ has supported more than 60 villages in Tamil Nadu providing a friendly face in the community and the help that many people require. Russ Foundation is staffed and managed entirely by Indians.